• Enemies at every turn

    Enemies at every turn
  • One VS One Combat

    One VS One Combat
  • Collect Coins and Upgrade Weapons and Armour

    Collect Coins and Upgrade Weapons and Armour

The princess has been taken. Only you can get her back. What are you waiting for?

Get your weapons ready and rescue this distressed damsel!

KnightScape is a sword-smashing epic adventure set in a stunning 3D world, where lowly Peasants evolve into wealthy Princes, fighting ruthless enemies on a journey to save a beautiful Princess.

Test your skills as you leap, slide and swing your way through 9 perilous levels of mayhem and combat, featuring all manner of obstacles; including nasty spike domes, flaming fireballs, precarious tree trunks and swinging giant axes, to name just a few.

Arm yourself for combat with a range of classic weapons and equipment, but be aware that only the right combination leads to victory.

Strap on your shield and grab your sword for the most epic adventure to hit iOS in years!

- Free to play.
- Collect coins on each level.
- Fantastic virtual Stock Room.
- Precise, intuitive swipe controls.
- Outstanding HD standard graphics.
- 9 epic challenging levels.

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